[ak-yoo-presh-er] noun:

a type of massage in which pressure on the specific bodily sites described in acupuncture therapy is used to promote healing, alleviate fatigue and sleeplessness, improve circulation...

"I often use the mat in my business, as it is an excellent way to start a massage session, especially if there is a lot of tension. Sometimes you can experience an endorphin high from the acupressure mat, especially when lying on it for the first time but with regular use, you become more relaxed. I usually recommend the mat to people who have sleeping problems, muscle tension, or general pain."

Pernilla Mårtensson,
Massage Therapist


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शांति shanti = inner peace

Relax, unwind,
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using your shanti® acupressure mat

back position

Back: Place your shanti® acupressure mat on a soft surface, a bed or even on the floor. A pillow or rolled-up towel should be placed underneath your shanti® acupressure mat to
support your neck. This will stimulate acupressure points along the spine and can sooth back problems.


Seat: Place the mat on a chair, or lie down on the floor or in bed,  and place the mat under your buttocks.  This position can loosen tension in the lumbar region and buttocks.

stomach position

Stomach: Be very careful with this position as it  can be perceived as intense and powerful.  You should be accustomed to doing the back treatment first. This can improve your metabolism and loosen tightness in the diaphragm and respiratory muscles.


Feet: Stand on the shanti® acupressure mat with both your feet. Distribute the weight evenly. This position works on the reflexology zones which will in turn have an overall effect on the entire body. It also enhances stability.


Jaw: Lay down carefully with your cheek against the mat, if this feels unpleasant you can use a very thin cotton cloth between your skin and the shanti® mat. Symptoms associated with teeth-grinding and jaw-clenching can be alleviated, it may also loosen tightness in the neck and jaw, your whole face can appear more radiant.


Neck: A  pillow or rolled-up towel should be placed underneath your shanti® acupressure mat to support your neck. This position is very good for relieving tension in the shoulders and, in particular, for relaxing the trapezoid muscles that run all the way up to the base of the neck.



how to use
As a new shanti® acupressure mat user we recommend that you accustom your body gradually. And start out with the back position. Place your shanti® acupressure mat on a soft surface, a bed will work well, so will the floor or  even a chair.  A  pillow or rolled-up towel should be placed underneath your shanti® acupressure mat to support your neck. Carefully lie down on the acupressure mat in a comfortable position so that your skin rests in contact with the points.  Relax. Breathe deeply.  For the first few minutes you may experience some pain, this pain will subside. If your skin is very sensitive, you may want to start out with a thin cloth between yourself and the shanti mat. However, this will lessen the effect of the treatment. Distribute your weight evenly over the contact points. Initially, around 10 minutes on the mat may be enough, but you can gradually increase your sessions to 20-40 minutes.  It is not harmful to spend longer time on the mat, or even if you fall asleep on the mat.  Use your shanti® acupressure mat whenever you have time and feel the urge -  preferably every day!

Regular use
As with any therapy or exercise, regularity is the key to success! That is why we recommend daily use of the shanti® acupressure mat for optimum results. With regular use, deep, chronic tension and stress can be released and you can experience a long-lasting sense of ease and well-being. Regular use also promotes the release of endorphins and oxytocin, and therefore helps us to be more relaxed, sleep better, and be happier! shanti® acupressure mat is beneficial for all ages.
The shanti® mat can be used all over the body. From the back, nerves radiate out to the whole body which means that a back treatment gives effect to the entire body. The shanti® mat is also very good to use after exercise, as it promotes increase in blood flow and rejuvenates the body. You can also use the acupressure mat for pure relaxation. Use it when you find it difficult to wind down, or when you are feeling stressed. Try using the acupressure mat before going to bed to help you fall asleep more easily. Regular use of the acupressure mat will help you relax and create a quicker self-healing process for your body. You can use your shanti® acupressure mat to reenergize and refresh yourself any time, even during a short break at work!  You will soon find that you may feel less stressed and more efficient at carrying out your tasks.
People with autoimmune disorders appear to get the best results with daily use, preferably in the morning.

Rest or only moderate activity is recommended after each session, so as not to disrupt the flow of the released energy.

As humans we all have a different sensitivity to pain and certain medical conditions can make us more sensitive to pain.  Try it out until you find the right level of sensation. The “nails” of the mat have a rounded tip and cannot harm you. But even those with a low pain threshold can use the shanti® acupressure mat. It then becomes especially important to listen to your body’s signals and place something between the shanti® mat and your skin, if the pain your experience becomes too much.
The acupressure mat helps many people with relaxation, pain relief and falling asleep more easily. However, the product does not cure everything, and just as we all have different experiences of massage, acupressure, acupuncture or exercising, we all feel differently when using the acupressure mat. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Cleaning instructions
If you need to wash your shanti® mat, please hand-wash it in lukewarm water and hang to dry. Please do not use washing machines or dryers, as the plastic spikes can be damaged.

Take your shanti® acupressure mat with you when travelling!You can remove the thin foam padding to save space and minimize weight. If you are using your  shanti® mat in bed you do not need the padding anyway.

Getting started
These are only recommendations to help you get started, if you feel comfortable lying on the shanti mat for longer periods from day 1, please feel free to do so!

Day 1-4.
We recommend about 10 minutes. However, if you want and can lie on it for longer, please do so. The first few times you lie on the acupressure mat you might want to try it during the day. Some individuals become tired after use, and may even fall asleep on the mat. Other individuals feel like they get an energy boost immediately after use. This will adjust once you start using the mat more frequently.

Days 5-14.
We  recommend about 20 minutes. However, if you want and can lie on it for longer, please do so. Start using the shanti® mat at bedtime. You can put it on the floor, or in the bed. Relax and let yourself nod of, even fall asleep. Don't worry too much about the time, just let yourself drift off, and feel totally relaxed. Remove the mat when you wake up, and go back to sleep. Hopefully you’ll eventually feel that you awake more refreshed and with more energy for the day ahead.
After about 14 days you will have learned a lot about the shanti® acupressure mat and the effects it has on you. You can now start building up your time, try spending 20-40 minutes on the mat. And it doesn't matter if you lie on the mat for longer than that.

You can design your own relaxation program to suit your needs!

10 minutes back
5 minutes stomach
10 minutes neck
5 minutes seat
10 minutes back
The body’s waste products are released and it’s a good idea to drink water at the end of your program. Give yourself time to rest and recover.



People who have whiplash injuries can become dizzy and sometimes experience  neck pain at the beginning of the treatment. This is because the neck is important for balance. If a person has chronic tension in the shoulders and neck, the muscles will "force" the neck into a new position. When the muscles relax, a new balance is created and this may cause dizziness. This is harmless and will gradually disappear as the muscles around the neck become less tense. Lie on the mat for 5-10 minutes every other day and gradually increase use of the mat as the dizziness/aches decrease.

Those who suffer from fibromyalgia are often over-sensitive to pain and should initially lie on the mat for a short time, about 5-10 minutes, and use a fairly thick cloth to get used to the sensation. Gradually increase the time on the mat and preferably use a thinner cloth as the body becomes accustomed to the pain with time.

People with sensitive skin should be careful and to avoid itching always use a towel or wear a T-shirt when they start using the shanti acupressure mat. People with coagulation problems (haemophilia) or people undergoing treatment with anticoagulants must not use the acupressure mat, since there is a large risk of subcutaneous bleeding and bruises. People with severe allergic back eczema or general psoriasis should be careful and always use a towel, and should initially lie on the acupressure mat for a shorter time than recommended, experimenting to find the optimal treatment time. People with substantial skin damage on their backs should not use the acupressure mat.